01.04.10 — Playing Hooky

I don’t like to give excuses when I miss workouts. That being said, about a month ago one of my more awesome nieces called me up and told me she would be visiting and staying with some friends in our area. She is from Arizona and needed a vacation to just be a 17 year old girl for a couple of weeks. In a nutshell, her family is dealing with some health issues and she has been required to shoulder a significant amount of the burden. She wanted a ride to the airport and of course I said yes — I tell her she is my #2 favorite niece, but she really is in a tie with a four year old for #1. How is that fair?

We will call my niece “She Who Hunts” for short. As you probably know, I love to hunt along with my other hobbies, and so I had this idea that I would take “She Who Hunts” on her first pheasant hunt. She and I went out this morning with my buddy Danny to hunt pheasant in close to zero temperatures and we had a great time.

My niece is from Arizona and isn’t really accustomed to the low temps that we had this morning. When I told her to dress warm, she came out of the house in a pair of jeans, a hoodie, and a pair of Vans on her feet. I made sure we dropped by my house and got her some clothes that would actually keep her warm and somewhat dry. 

“She Who Hunts” can actually shoot a gun well and was fun to hang out with. We all got our share of birds and outside of almost freezing to death, we did pretty well. Here are some photos of “She Who Hunts” with the birds we harvested today:

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