01.16.10 — A Weird, weird last day in Lahaina

Nope, no workouts today. I was scheduled to run 10 miles and swim for 90 minutes, but I woke up with a real hard case of pleurisy, which is just an inflammation of the lining of the lungs and sometimes of the heart. What that means is it really hurts to take a breath any deeper than a shallow pant. I get this about once a year, always seeming to come around when I increase my training volume substantially. I have been training hard for the last nine weeks, so it makes sense that it would hit me now. I have been having small versions of the pain for the last month, but they always go away. Sometimes your body can fight it on its own, but with the training my ability to fight infection is of course lower. Here I sit in the Honolulu airport waiting for my flight home, not breathing real well. It will be a tough night to sleep, but I will head to the medic when I get home and get a shot of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory. The combination of those two usually do the trick and get this cleared up within 24 hours. I will be back on the bike on Monday.

I decided to take it easy today. I went to a plate lunch place on the north end of Front Street in Lahaina. A really cool guy named Vic runs the place and man, you feel like you are walking into his living room. He treats everyone like a long-lost friend and it is easy to go there, eat, and want to hang out in the open air restaurant. I loved it. I took the Kindle and read some more of Atlas Shrugged.

Then I headed up the street two doors to the Lahaina Local Motion store. It is out of the way, not sitting inside of what I would call the “commercial corridor” of Front Street. It sits at 1295 Front Street and is a great place to visit while in Lahaina. A cool guy named Kai runs the place and he and I sat and talked about skiing in Colorado. He spent three years there skiing 40 days a year with his girlfriend. I love guys like Kai who are genuine and are eager to make you feel at home.

I had a couple of hours to kill before my flight from Maui to Honolulu so I took the Hono Highway to find some cool spots to take some photos. I drove at a leisurely pace and just relaxed. The whole pleurisy had me change most of my plans for today, which included my run, surfing, and my long swim. My reward was that I did get some really cool pics. There is no way I can share them all, so I will put up some of the better ones. Feel free to grab them and make them desktops, part of your blog, whatever. It was a cool experience that I would love to share.

This was just an indentation in one of the rocky outcrops I stopped at that  because of the darker rock that was underneath the surface, looked like a footprint. I thought it was cool because it is right on top of a 300′ cliff. There is little probability that it is the remnant of human intervention.

Just look at the color of the water in this one. I love how blue the ocean is. This photo has not been redone or touched up in any way. I am sitting on top of the same 300′ cliff on this one.

I am not sure what this outcrop is called as it sits on a portion of the road that goes down to one lane and winds through some really steep terrain. I chickened out and turned around when I found a good spot to make a U-turn. Really, the road turns into nothing more than a bike path. You just have to decide what your risk tolerance is here!

This may be my favorite of the trip. If I were an 18th century sailor ala Captain James Cook, I would probably turn back around if I thought the entire coastline looked like this. I have a video I shot of the waves pounding this shoreline, and it is really cool.

This is just a shot of some local kid I took. Man he is a good-looking cat. He was extremely debonair and everywhere he went, people just want to be around him. I wish I would have caught his name…

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