01.18.10 — It is Good to be Home

Type: Bike — Easy Ride
Distance: 22.11 miles
Pace: 2:43 min/mile
Time: 60:38
Average Watts: 168 watts
Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm
Total Work: 606 kJ

Man is it good to be home for a lot of reasons, but I sure missed my bike. It was nice to climb back on this morning and just pedal. But first, a couple of other updates. I landed Saturday morning and went straight to the doctor’s office. I told him what I had and he wanted to do some chest x-rays and additional chests. I insisted that he not. I get pleurisy once a year or so and I know what it feels like. No pneumonia, no heart attack. He finally listened to me and gave me an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. I went home and slept for a couple of hours and I the sweet wave of recovery was rolling right over me.

This morning I woke up and could still feel a tiny bit of pain at the upper, upper end of my inhalations, but nothing that would impact my workout. I jumped on the bike with the intention of just spinning and having a steady state ride. I was surprised how well my legs felt. I guess that is what you get when you take three days off, regardless of the reason. I could have pushed 200 watts for the entire hour, but I wanted to ease back into intensity instead of going right at it. I will do some intervals tomorrow and by the end of the week will get some real hard riding in. I am stoked for my training this week. Here is how it went down this morning:

Thanks for all the well wishes from last week. I did have a good time in Hawai’i. You gotta believe me when I tell you that when you are there on business alone, it can only be so fun. I did get to go some cool places and took some great pictures, but you can only enjoy the experience so much when you are traveling alone. I did get the opportunity to sort some things out mentally that have been vexing me lately. But, you should always take someone you love to a place like Maui!

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