01.19.10 — Another Great Swim

Type: Paddles, Pull Buoy, and Sharing the Lane
Distance: 2,250 yards
Time: 24 minutes or so
Workout: 3 x 750 yards

This was pretty much a copy of last night’s workout, with the exception of the last set of 750 yards. When I was resting between sets 2 and 3, a guy who looked really fast asked if we could share a lane. I was nervous, but said yes of course. I hate it when someone tells you no when you ask if you want to share a lane. Besides, I was on my last set and thought even if he were a thrasher, I would be alright. It was only 750 yards.

It turns out he was just a little faster that I was, which was great. What I decided to do was give him about 15 yards and then try and catch him. I decided I would push really hard during that set and do what I could to catch the bugger. And what do you know? I worked dang hard to first catch him and then hang on to his feet. The good news is I gave him enough space that I wasn’t playing footsies with him, but I knew I was keeping up. That was a hard last set and I am dang glad he showed up.

I am not one for chit chat at the pool, especially with another guy, so I jumped out and took off when I was through. Overall, fantastic workout. Now it is time to stretch out the distances and slow down the pace a little. It has been a great month. Now it is off to watch The Biggest Loser with Mrs. Hot Wife…

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