01.19.10 — Back in the Home Pool

Type: Paddles, pull buoy, and trying to kick butt
Distance: 2,250 yards
Time: 25 minutes or so
Workout: 3 x 750 yards

I don’t know what it is about your home pool, but am I the only one who feels faster? I felt like I was super efficient and fast last night. I was able to hold 1:30’s throughout the workout, all while feeling a little fatigued. My favorite swim lane was open, and nobody even asked me to share a lane with them.

I started with a 750 yard set. I used my hand paddles from Speedo for 200 yards and then just ditched them. My stroke felt efficient and strong last night. I think using the paddles to remind my hands and arms what a good stroke feels like is a smart strategy to use before every swim. I rested for two minutes and then used the pull buoy  for 200 yards. I love using the pull buoy — it feels like you are literally flying. It is surprising how efficient you are when you pull your butt up out of the water. For the rest of the set I just worked on trying to keep my butt up as much as I could. The last 750 yards I just tried to pull everything together and swam hard. It was great workout and I got out of the pool with a smile!

I think I finally got my Interval from H2O Audio dialed in. As I mentioned, you have to get the earbuds fit just right so you can hear your music right. If you use earbuds that are too small or too big, then you will not be able to hear your music. It takes time to finally get the right size put on your earbuds, but once you do, man it is nice to have music while you swim. I usually don’t listen to music when I run and never while I ride, but having it while you are swimming is a huge up. Staring at the black line for such a long time can get really, really boring. I start to lose focus. For some reason the music does not distract to the point that I lose focus on my form.

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