01.19.10 — Riding with the Gangs of New York

Type: Steady State Effort

Distance: 23.0 miles
Pace: 2:36 min/mile
Time: 60:38
Average Watts: 167 watts
Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm
Total Work: 600 kJ

I threw Gangs of New York into the DVD player this morning to ride to. Interesting show. The premise of the movie is simple: bad guy kills the good guy, puts his son into an orphanage, and son comes back to eventually try and kill bad guy. I am not all the way through the show yet, so I am not sure that it gets any deeper than that. It is a good show with just enough action to keep it edgy and enough drama to accommodate Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Another good ride. I had trouble getting the CPU to work this morning, so I am missing the first ten minutes of this ride. On the graph you will notice it shows only 50:00 of ride time. I had to extrapolate to get the data that I did. But it still was a quality ride. The legs were feeling it by about 30:00, but I pushed through. Tomorrow I am going to get up earlier so I can go longer, keeping the watts at 175 for the entire time. Thursday will be my tough interval work, with Friday being a easy recovery ride. Then Saturday I am planning on 4:00. It is time to start getting those really long rides in. Here is the graph:

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