01.20.10 — Breakthrough Ride

Type: Steady State Effort
Distance: 24.40 miles
Pace: 2:39 min/mile
Time: 65:41
Average Watts: 203 watts

Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm
Total Work: 788 kJ

Yep, you read that right. I finally averaged over 200 watts for an hour ride. I am not sure what happened to make this ride possible today, but it just came out. The plan was to ride the hour at 175 watts, but the power meter just kept creeping up and after about 15 minutes into the ride, I was at 200 watts and I felt great. I just let the meter continue to drift up, and things just worked out on this ride.

Most days I will feel some fatigue in my legs after a ride, but it will go away after I refuel and a couple of hours have passed. My legs are fried right now, which is fine. I am going to modify my schedule and make sure I have at least two rides like this every week from now on. It is a ride like this one that makes me happy — all my training is coming together the way that I want it to. It is a good feeling knowing that as I follow my plan that I should be ready for Ironman St. George. Here is how it went down:

The break in the middle is when I had to get up to change out the DVD. I finished the Gangs of New York and found the ending a little less than meaningful. I am betting in the book it doesn’t feel so rushed. I think it oversimplifies the conflict that was occurring in New York City at the time of the Civil War. Good movie, just don’t expect too much out of the ending.

For those of you who use the Training Peaks WKO+ software, do you enter your swims and treadmill runs into your workouts? I know you can enter them manually, but what do you use for each of the values? What would you indicate is your Intensity Factor for example? I could use the Intensity Factor from previous runs done outside when it is automatically calculated by the software. But how do you calculate it for your swims? Would you just use a 1 for all your swims to keep it consistent?

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