01.20.10 — Change Up at the Pool

Type — Swim, Steady Pace Sets
Distance: 2,000 yards
Time: 28:30
Workout: 2 x 1,000

Not much to share about my swim tonight…I went shorter and slower than last night. I felt smooth in the water. There was no lightning and thunder nor were there any crazies who wanted to share the lane. It was an uneventful and drama free night at the pool. Just the way I like it. There was one other person swimming laps and they bailed right after I finished my first rep. For the last 15:00 or so I had the pool to myself. Well, it was me and the lifeguard and I think he was asleep.

I have been thinking about all the charitable giving that has been going on around the horrible situation in Haiti. Having done contract work for a 501(c)3, I do know something about making sure your dollars are going to the right people. Tomorrow, along with my a.m. ride, I will post an article on how to determine if your money is getting to the people on the ground. It will be complete with resources where you can check what percentage of your donation goes towards the intended beneficiaries and what goes towards administrative costs. Check back tomorrow!

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