01.21.10 — Tempo Ride

Type: Tempo Ride
Distance: 24.90 miles
Pace: 2:41 min/mile
Time: 67:43
Average Watts: 201 watts
Average Heart Rate: 155 bpm
Total Work: 809 kJ

Today’s ride was work. Yesterday was about the same average watts and just a little lower on the total work, but it felt smooth. Today I still felt smooth but the effort to maintain the wattage was much higher. I know it was the residual fatigue from yesterday, but dang, I wish today could have gone a little better.

The stop at 27:00 was to change the movie, grab a towel, turn on the fan, and open the window. I am usually pretty methodical, but it was like I missed putting my brain in when I was getting dressed this morning. At about 41:30 I had to dial the effort back to about 175 watts. I was having trouble holding the effort at 220 watts and decided to pull back the horses instead of letting them run themselves into the ground. I did pick it back up at about 46:00 and held that until almost 51:00. I took about a 9:00 break where the watts were closer to 170 and then at the one hour mark, I picked it back up to about 230 for 5:30, at which point I started my cool down. Here is the breakdown:

Overall the ride was a challenge, which was good. I needed a good, hard day to train myself mentally for the second loop of the St. George Ironman. The loops will be tough as there are some real serious climbs up canyons. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the bike course, trying to come up with the perfect strategy to get to the run as fresh as I can. I want to go hard enough on the bike that I am pleased with my effort, but slow enough to get to the run with the ability to put in a good run time. I think I will be heading down to the course in February for a couple of days to ride it at least twice. Here is the elevation profile for the bike — now you know why getting to the race ready to climb is so important.

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