01.22.10 — Recovery Ride

Type: Bike — Recovery Ride
Distance: 21.03 miles
Pace: 2:52 min/mile
Time: 60:31
Average Watts: 155 watts
Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm
Total Work: 561 kJ

Man did I need this ride after the rides, swim, and run I had over the last couple of days. This was a nice, easy pedal ride that is designed to give my muscles more of a day off than anything else. I won’t be working out tonight. I have a four hour ride on the schedule for tomorrow morning, so I need my legs to be available for then. I hope they decided to show up. Here is how it went down:

Next week I will be focusing on my swim, which means there will be little time for runs. The first week in February I will replace a couple of swims with runs to take a more balanced approach. Looking at the calendar, I only have 10 weeks left to prepare for Ironman St. George. That is very little time when you get down to it. I was reading an article on training with power by Joe Friel on his blog. He advocates that most triathletes who are preparing for an iron distance race need to have a TSS of >1,000 during peak weeks. TSS is by definition your training stress score. You can read up on exactly what it is and how to figure it here.

Looking at that numbers, I decided to see where I was at each week since the first of the year. I entered my run and swim workouts into WKO+ to get a more accurate idea of my levels. During the week ending 01/10, my TSS was 649, the week ending 01/17 it was 438, and this week so far it is 599. Remember I was in Hawaii the week ending 01/17 and missed a couple of key workouts because of the pleurisy. After my ride tomorrow I will end up between 900 and 1,000. I am not sure how many weeks you can sustain a TSS of >1,000 and not get overtrained.

Training with power sure is cool. Software like WKO+ helps you plan your weeks and see exactly where your performance sits. Not discounting the human element, but these types of tools sure take some of the guesswork out of training plans.

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