01.23.10 — Good Long Ride

Type: Bike — Endurance Ride
Distance: 85.48 miles
Pace: 2:48 min/mile
Time: 240:48
Average Watts: 148 watts
Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm
Total Work: 2,125 kJ

This was a good, long ride that was in my Endurance Zone. It was great practice for the St. George Ironman, but I just tried to keep the effort at a steady pace. To ride and simulate the course I would need to push higher watts for two hours, back it off for about and hour, and then repeat. While todays ride was good, to get ready for the race I will need to train a little smarter. The main reason is the elevation profile I posted here.

You will see for about the first forty minutes I was up at about 160-170 watts. I would have loved to have kept my effort there for the entire four hours, but I knew that it would not be possible this morning. I dropped the watts down to between 140-150 until about the two hour mark. The reason I made that decision is I wanted to push higher watts for the last two hours and I thought this break would leave me with the energy I needed to keep my wattage over 150 watts for that time. I was able to accomplish that goal until about the 3:20 mark and then my wattage dropped to about 140. That was a tough time period. My nutrition was solid, but my quads and hamstrings were just worked.

What I took away from the power analysis is I need to increase my daily rides to two hours now. I can’t have my legs go out on me half way through the ride during the race. In my opinion, I have a great base and now is the time to start getting in some real mileage. This is how it all went down:

For You Power Junkies
My TSS for the week was 774, which is still low for the Joe Friel recommended level of 1,000 each week. It is my highest to date in my training for this race, but I need to get it up. I am going to adjust my schedule and have another higher output week next week and then take a recovery week the first week in February. My Stress Balance (TSB) is sloping up again, which is a good trend to see. During the last 28 days, 50% of my time has been in my Endurance Zone, which is about where I want it. Man I love using a Power Meter and the WKO+ Software!

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