01.25.10 — Interval Ride

Type: Bike — Easy Intervals
Distance: 21.61 miles
Pace: 2:47 miles/minute
Time: 60:43
Average Watts: 185 watts
Average Heart Rate: 149 bpm
Total Work: 669 kJ

First off, if you are having trouble with this site updating in your RSS feed or Google Reader, I checked with an expert this weekend. What she said was since I use Blogspot as my platform and have a personal URL that Blogspot redirects to, the only way you can subscribe and get my blog to update in your reader is if you manually enter www.262ismycooldown.blogspot.com into your subscriber/reader. You should get updates that way. If you do not, please let me know because I will have someone fix it for me. I am not a techie by any stretch of the imagination, and if you are and know of a way to get this fixed with some HTML code and want to make a little coin, please let me know. Now on to the ride…

This morning’s ride was a little different. I wanted to put together a steady state ride at a higher output, but I was a little distracted this morning. My wife and I are dealing with a very difficult situation (not with each other thank all that is holy) and I generally spend time on the pavement or in the pool thinking and sorting through things like this. Generally the topics I am tackling are work related, but for some reason when it crossed into the personal this morning, I just could stay into my ride mentally. So I decided to break it up.

I ended up pushing some good power for about the first half of the ride, and then doing some easy intervals for the second. I did five minute intervals at about 200 watts with a five minute recovery at about 150 watts. Coach Troy would have been upset that the recoveries were so long, but bah, they felt good. I was able to get back into my ride AND think through a couple of things. I will tell you this, training like this is not for you if you are not comfortable with yourself. Here is how the magic happened this morning:

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