01.25.10 — My Coach Ditches Me…

Type: Swim, Steady Pace
Distance: 2,000 yards
Time: 29:20
Workout: Just Keep Swimming

Well, my first session with the new coach did not happen. She called with some lame excuse that her boy was in the emergency room or something…no really, I hope everything turned out alright. If ever there was a good excuse to skip a session, your son not being able to breathe is a great one. Everything turned out alright and the boy will be back in the saddle shortly. Coach Danielle will be on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so I am looking at my first swim lesson since I was a kid sometime in the middle of February.

It was a good session, but I did feel pretty fatigued. My buddy that I go with did turn a dude down when asked to share a lane. I had my buddy scoot over and share my lane and we gave the petitioner his own lane. Watching the guy’s stroke, it was a good decision. He was all over the lane and flailed like he was drowning. Credit him for coming out, but sharing a lane with him would have been as close to simulating a tri swim start as you can get to the real thing. At one point he was doing these fist drills and his entry into the water looked like he was madder than a hornet at the pool. He was throwing haymakers for the entire set. My friend is a little hot headed and I am sure there would have been consequences — fair or not — if one of those would have landed on my pal.

Some days you are just lucky…I was glad there were no problems…

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