01.26.10 — Long Swim

Type: Swim, Going Long Baby
Distance: 3,750 yards
Time: About 60:00
Workout: Steady Pace Long Swim

I know, I know, I should have added the extra 250 yards to the swim so I could have hit 4,000. I am a Board Member for my HOA and the meeting went a little longer than I wish it would have and I had made a commitment to Mrs. Hot Wife so that we could watch The Biggest Lower together on the other side, so I needed to get the swim in and get out. Shame on me for letting the HOA Board Meeting go long.

Overall, it was a good effort. I felt strong from the beginning until about the 40:00 mark. At that point I got a pretty decent cramp in my left hammy, which I would usually stop for and stretch out. In this case, I decided to just keep swimming, take it easy on my kick, and just let the thing go away. You know what? It finally did. I was excited to have this experience so I could try the same thing in a race.

There was a really fast gal in the pool last night. I tired to watch her stroke a little to see if there were any major differences between it and mine. With my untrained eye, I didn’t see too many. Last night I did try to breathe out gradually underwater instead of letting out one giant exhalation when I start turning my head to take a breath. My buddy I swim with thinks I look like a whale on its side when it is letting air out of its blow hole. Let’s just say if you swim in the lane next to me you may or may not get sprayed…

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