01.28.10 — Bike — The Power Meter Busted

Type: Steady State
Distance: 21.5 miles
Pace: 2:48 min/mile
Time: 60:36
Average Watts: 290 watts (What? No way…)
Average Heart Rate: 128 bpm
Total Work: 1,046 kJ

There must be a loose wire somewhere on my bike. There is no way I was averaging 290 watts for an entire hour. I am not that kind of rider. If I could keep up that level of power, I would have to grow a beard and get new friends. I would have to quit blogging because I would need to spend more time training for big bike races. I would get sponsors and you people could say, “I knew him back when he was just a lonely blogger…” There was something off. If I was at 290 watts for the hour, my heart rate would be much higher than 128 bpm.

I think I am going to take a quick spin on my Pro 300PT and see if this issue self-corrects. I love training with power and need to make sure my equipment is where it should be. It was a little frustrating this morning to kick up the bike and see 280 watts right off the bat. I knew there was no way that I was up at that level. From feel, I think I was at about half that. I was enough into my ride before I wanted to do something about it that I just kept going.

But, behold my awesomeness. If only it were true…

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