01.28.10 — Distance Swim and Coaching Session

Type: Steady Pace Swim
Distance: 3,000 yards
Time: 2,000 yard set in 32:00, 1,000 yards of drills does it really matter?

Workout: 2,000 Yard Set at Race Pace, 1,000 Yards of Drills

I didn’t know if Coach Danielle was coming to the pool last night or not, so I headed over with the intention of going 4,000 yards. I was going to break it up into two sets of 2,000 yards with a couple of minutes of recovery between the sets. I started off pretty strong and watched the clock carefully to make sure I was maintaining a 1:40/100 yards pace throughout the set. I felt really smooth, almost to the point that I felt like a razor blade cutting through the water. I felt like I was on fire.

At the end of the first set, someone tapped me on the head from the side of the pool and startled me beyond belief. I looked up and YEAH! it was COach Danielle. She is a swimming superstar and I was excited that she was able to make it to the pool. She cheated and stood on the side of the pool watching my stroke for about 250 yards. I mean, if I didn’t know she was there, how was I supposed to compensate and make my stroke look good? Here is how the conversation went:

Coach Danielle: “Looks like we have a lot of work to do.”
Me: “Does my stroke look that bad?”
CD: “Well, it is better than most triathletes I have seen.”

Great. She didn’t even put me in the same category as a swimmer. That is fan-freakin-tastic. We proceeded to start working on my glide. I thought my glide was great — I hold the glide position at the beginning of each stroke longer than anyone else I know. Coach Danielle had me doing tap drills where you cannot start your catch until you have “tapped” your stroke hand with the other hand. I thought I was going to drown. We then went through a series of drills that should make me more efficient in the water. I won’t detail the rest mainly because I am embarrassed by the results.

Now is the time I am going to need to trust my Coach. She is headed out on a cruise for the next week and I committed to completing a minimum distance of the drills each night. She will come back and evaluate my stroke to see how much improvement I have made. She told me she would yell at me if I was stuck in my old stroke still.

Oh the joys of a coach — breaking you down just to build you back up. Swim sets for the next week are going to be slower and oh so interesting.

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