01.29.10 — Recovery Ride

Type: Recovery Ride
Distance: 21.74 miles
Pace: 2:45 min/mile
Time: 60:22
Average Watts: 161 watts
Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm
Total Work: 578 kJ

Now that is more like what I expect to see out of a ride. Remember yesterday? It was the day that my super-human legs were able to put together a ride where I averaged 290 watts over an hour and maintained an average heart rate of 128 bpm. The power meter was obviously off yesterday and I am glad to see it self-corrected for my ride this morning. 

Todays ride was a recovery ride to help flush all the toxins out of my legs and set me up for a great ride tomorrow.  All in all today was really not that eventful. The ride in itself was pretty boring — I didn’t push the pace or the effort required. The plan is to ride 100 miles/5 hours tomorrow, so I do need to keep my legs together for then. Here is how it all went down today:

Training Thoughts from This Week
This section is for us power geeks. This week has been a great week for training. I have felt strong and like I am building up my endurance in swimming, biking, and running. My TSS for the week is already at 665, compared to 774 for last week and I still have a five hour ride to complete tomorrow. I am betting my TSS is over 800 after tomorrow, which is still short of the TSS score of 1,000 that Joe Friel recommends for athletes training for an Ironman. Next week I am going to take more of a recovery week and then the second week in February I am going to shoot for that TSS score of 1,000 to see how my body holds up under that rigorous of training. I am going to end up at about 180 miles on the bike this week, which is really exciting to me.

I believe nutrition is the fourth discipline of triathlon that many athletes overlook. I am a huge fan of Infinit and in the past I have used it on every ride, regardless of the distance. This week I have tried using only water just to see if I could do it. It has been good, but I do find energy somewhat down towards the end of my rides. I have also ordered a ton of different things, like Clif Shot Bloks to see how I can handle them. I want to be prepared for whatever WTC has out on the course come race day. 

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