01.30.10 — Endurance Ride/Brick

Type: Endurance Ride
Distance: 112.04 miles
Pace: 21.8 mph
Time: 5:09:37
Average Watts: 140 watts
Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm
Total Work: 2,598 kJ

Now THAT is what I am talking about. According to the schedule, this was supposed to be a 5 hour ride in the early morning down in the dungeon on my Pro 300PT. I stoked up on a couple of movies, had the Women’s Finals of the Australian Open on my DVR, and had a couple of other programs on the DVR that would work well to entertain the eyes while I rode. I even got to bed early last night after going to dinner and a movie with Mrs. Hot Wife. I was set up for success this morning.

The alarm went off around 4:30 and I have to admit to hitting it twice for another 18 minutes of sleep. Some mornings, it is really tough to get moving. But reason prevailed and I got dressed and went downstairs to get my nutrition ready. I made five bottles of Infinit with about 280 calories in each one. I also made a sixth bottle with just water because, well, sometimes I just like to drink water. I threw a dozen Enduralytes in a small bowl and set off to start the day.

The ride in and of itself was solid. I did take a quick three or four minute break at the three hour mark just to pee and stretch a little. My hamstrings seemed like they were getting really, really tight. I did get through the Women’s Final of the Australian Open (sorry Henin, I was really rooting for you) and both of my movies.

My power was not where I would have liked it for the entire ride. I really wanted to average 150 watts over the whole ride, but that just wasn’t in the cards today. You can see from the performance graph that for the first hour I was holding my power at between 150-160 watts. At the end of that hour I felt good, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold that pace for the entire ride, so I decided to slow down. I figured it was like a race and I would have made the same decision during a race. 100% of the time when faced with that decision, I would decide to slow down instead of a DNF or bonk. For the last hour I was closer to 130 watts. Obviously that needs to improve. Luckily for me I do have plenty of time to get those numbers up. Here is the graph:

At the tail end of my ride, I had a genius idea — why not add a mile run at the end of my ride for a brick. The distance shouldn’t be too long, and I could walk the first .25 miles. So I did just that. I walked .25 miles on the treadmill at 2.5 mph and a surprising thing happened — my legs actually felt good. I am sure part of it was because I was glad to get the imprint of my saddle out of my bum. Then I ran .75 miles at a 8:30 min/mile pace and had a small spring in my step. I could have gone longer, but didn’t want to risk the injury. I decided that my next long ride should be 100 miles and include at least a 5 mile run to finish off the brick.

For the week I ended up with a TSS of 882. I still have a long ways to go before I get that up to 1,000. I am going to take next week as a recovery week and let my body absorb all of the heavy training that I have done for the last couple of weeks. For the week I was at 12:16 of actual training time. The second week in February my goal will be to get that number up closer to 15:00. For my peak weeks in January I need to get it up closer to 20:00.

January Training
For the month of January, I got 35,400 yards in the pool, 629.53 miles on the bike, and 32.01 miles for my run. Clearly the area I need to focus on in February will be my run. I may substitute runs for two rides each weeks during the month. Coming out of January, I know I could have hit closer to 800 miles on the bike if it weren’t for my trip to Hawaii during the second week. Regardless, the month is what it is, and I feel good.

Training is going well. My body composition is getting much better. I am down to about 16% body fat, and my goal is to pull that down to 12%. My current body weight is 182 lbs., and if I hit that goal I will race at 175 lbs. That would be a dream and would set me up for a fantastic race. I will clamp down on my diet starting in the month of March so I can cut that final weight. I am really starting to look forward to my Ironman!

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