02.17.10 — Swim Workout

Type: Race Pace Set
Distance: 2,500 yards
Workout: 2,500 yards at Race Pace
TSS: 54.0

You know, all my swim workouts this week have looked exactly the same. I am not getting bored with them. To the contrary I really like them and enjoy pushing myself to see how much quicker I can finish up when compared to other days. This was the last swim of the week and I decided to get moving on it so I did. Overall the effort was solid and I felt great.

Armstrong v. Lieto
I wish I would have been in Hawai’i for that one. I would have loved to have followed Chris in a chase car trying to push him along just a little. You have to know that Lieto posted the best bike split in Kona at the Ironman World Championships last year, so the guy is no slouch on the bike by any means. He owns the course record for the bike at Ironman Canada. Lieto can flat out hammer and is in fantastic shape right now as you can see from the results of yesterday’s time trial. To finish that close to Armstrong, one of the top cyclists in the world, is amazing.

I would love to see the power files from that little jaunt they did.

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