02.22.10 — It’ll be a Cold, Dark Day When…

Type: As close to a disaster as I have gotten on a ride
Distance: 7.5 miles, not including cyclocross miles
TSS: 40.0
Time: 24:00
Average Watts: Wish I Knew
Average Heart Rate: 151
Total Work: 324

This ride started out as a tough ride because of the wind. It was about 28 degrees when we started the ride into a 20-30 mph headwind. It was really cold out there. That was supposed to be the story for this ride. I was testing the Powermeter with my Garmin Edge 705 to see if I couldn’t get the two to work together. I was riding with my buddy Shay Bertola who bought my Felt S22 this winter.

We cruised down through the Thanksgiving Point Gardens turn around to get an extra mile or so. It was Shay’s first ride of the season and so we were taking it easy. The Thanksgiving Point Gardens are a huge deer magnet and as a result, there are 12 foot chain link fences around the entire property. I found out tonight that when you get locked in, there is no getting out. Mind you it is a public road through the property and you would think that there would be some type of procedure to check to see if there is anyone left inside, but you would be wrong.

Shay and I came around the corner to the main gate and we noticed it was closed. There was a security guard walking back to his truck. As we got closer, we yelled and whistled at him. As he was no more than 15 yards away and he was looking right at us, I find it hard to believe that he somehow missed us. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. As we stood there trying to figure out what to do, it started getting REALLY cold. I have skied lots of resorts here out west and I have had clothes freeze together when storms get bad enough. But I have never been as cold as I got tonight.

We called Mrs. Hot Wife and she called the Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point as that was the only spot she could get an actual answer. They didn’t know how to get in touch with security. What? Is there no procedure for getting in tough with security? I found that hard to believe. Shay and I were riding around trying to find an opening in the fence. The Gardens are serious about keeping deer out. We found none. Out next option was to cut the chain that locked the gate with a pair of bolt cutters. Someone suggested that there was ONE gate behind some trees that we could fit through if we ate the right mushrooms. So we took off to find the mythical location.

It took us another 30 minutes but we found it hidden on the other side of the property. Here we are cyclocrossing with our bikes through the snow and ice. Here is my pal Shay, who always seems to get me in trouble.

And here I am in some “my brain is starting to freeze, so I am not thinking about how I look” pose.

Crazy I tell you. All that and I didn’t even lose any toes. I thought I had a couple that were frost bitten, but they were alright after everything was said and done. Unreal. 

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