02.23.10 — And for the Trifecta…

Type: Really Fast 100 yard Intervals
Distance: 2000 yards
Workout: 20 x 100 at 1:30 pace with 1 minute rest
TSS: 53.2

This was a great set and a fantastic way to follow-up my long swim from last night. I felt smooth the entire time. It was an interesting workout during the second half of intervals. I really felt good, but I started to struggle during the last 25 yards of each set. Towards the end of the workout I had to start breathing with every stroke instead of bilaterally so I could keep up with the oxygen my body was begging for. Like I said, it got real interesting. With a minute between sets, I did have time to recovery though.

One of my good friends met Danny and I at the pool tonight so he could “learn how to swim”. It was my friend Shay who got stuck with my yesterday. He had the form of a typical first timer, but I am sure with the right amount of work we will get him to where he is swimming 2,000 yards a night. Tonight he logged 500 yards, which was great. Shay is really athletic, so I am sure it won’t be long.

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