02.23.10 — Great Ride Outside

Type: Constant Effort
Distance: 20.1 miles
TSS: 81.9
Time: 59:11
Norm Power: 211 watts
Average Watts: 203 watts
Average Heart Rate: No Clue
Total Work: 679 kJ

This is the ride I wanted to get yesterday but missed because I got locked into a spot with a buddy of mine. It really felt like one of those rides that you just go out and do. Sure there was some effort involved, even to the point that I was a little gassed at the end. But it was still a great ride. While I have a racing saddle on my training bike, I think my bum was just glad to get outside. Here is how the power and speed looked:

I really worked hard to keep my watts around 200-210 when I was pedaling which you can see as part of the normative power. When I was pedaling, which was most of the time, I averaged about 211 watts. For the ride, which includes time that I was not pedaling, I averaged 203 watts. Now I know what type of power output is required to average 20 mph for one hour. This is going to really help me for the time that I spend on the trainer.

Gear Question
So I am having a problem using my Garmin Edge 705 with my Powermeter. I have the Pro+ model, and it was easy to synch the two up. You can’t see it, but once I had stopped and before I pushed stop on the unit, it registered me at like 1600 watts. I was stopped and it threw that number together.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve that? Do I need to just transition to the CycleOps bike computer that came with the unit? Is there a solution to this problem?

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