02.23.10 — Just Keep Running…

Type: Somewhat of a Tempo Run
Distance: 7.0 miles
TSS: 100.5
Time: 58:00
Pace: 8:15 min/mile
Total Work: 706 kJ

The alarm went off this morning and I just wanted to run, but the schedule had a tempo ride of 60 minutes on it. So what did I do? Changed the schedule of course. The justification is I will get plenty of mileage on the bike with the 150 miles I want to put in on Friday and Saturday. With those miles, I will be well over 200 for the week. That plus I really need to work on my running. It feels good right now, but I keep reminding myself that most of my running right now is not coming at the end of a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride through the mountains. I have done bricks — if you follow this blog regularly you know I have done some killers. But they just aren’t the same as race day.

I picked up the pace on my run this morning. Most of my runs so far have been right around the 8:40 – 8:50 mark. While there is nothing wrong with that, basic training principles state that to improve your speed, you simply need to run faster. While I am not too worried about running faster, I am worried about improving my engine. So to improve my VO2 max, I am increasing the number of tempo runs that I have scheduled. Anything under 10 miles will now be a tempo run.

Boring Editorial You Can Skip
After my debacle yesterday where my buddy and I got locked into Thanksgiving Point Gardens by a 12′ fence and gate, I am writing a nice letter to the management about the security procedures. From my viewpoint there were several lapses on their part in what happened. While not threatening, the letter will be clear on what needs to happen and when I expect some type of response. I will continue to ride in that area as that is where I live AND I was on public roads. If it happens again, I will be happy to get mean.

The lapses I saw included:
1. If there is a procedure in place for a sweep by security to assure there isn’t anyone still on the road inside, it wasn’t followed by security personnel. And if someone is screaming and whistling at you from about 20 yards away, you should be able to hear them.
2. All employees at Thanksgiving Point should know how to get in touch with security. What in the world happens if there is a problem that security should be handling and employees don’t know how to get in touch with them? Really…
3. After office hours at Thanksgiving Point (which we called at 5:01 and yep, you guessed it, the offices close at 5:00) there should be an emergency contact number on the recording for the PBX. That number should also be published on their website, etc.
4. Signage should be posted inside of the gate so that when it is closed, a person who is locked inside can see an emergency contact number. 

I don’t think any of those items other than #4 are really too much to ask…

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