Type: Recovery Day
Distance: 21.63 miles
TSS: 51.7
Time: 60:32
Average Watts: 160 watts
Average Heart Rate: 142 bpm
Total Work: 577 kJ

After the three workouts yesterday that had a combined TSS of 235, I woke up a little slow this morning. My legs felt a little worked when I started my warm-up and I was a little gassed. Thought not on the schedule as such, I made the executive decision that I would make this a recovery ride about 10 minutes in. I had a really hard time focusing on my workout this morning mainly because I am really looking forward to riding down in St, George this weekend. If there was ever a workout that had junk miles, this was it. Shame on me…

I did need a easier effort this morning though. I have a run scheduled for this evening, which I really need to get in. I dare say completing the run is a higher priority than a quality bike ride this morning. Besides, I will get in some really good miles this weekend riding the Ironman course. I am really pumped to see where my training is and how my legs hold up on the course. Yesterday’s ride was a good confidence builder and showed me that the training is accomplishing the goals I need it to. Here is how this morning went down:

Thanksgiving Point Extravaganza
So I chewed them out when I thought they screwed up, and now I have to give them kudos for something that happened last night. Somehow, Erica Brown from Thanksgiving Point either found my post on my experience on my blog or something I had written about it on either Facebook or Twitter. Mrs. Brown reached out and apologized for the whole thing and was very gracious when I messaged her back about my suggestions. I would say that was very cool — dare I say, en fuego? Good work Mrs. Brown.

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