02.27.10 — One Last Trip Up "The Loop"

Type: Pounding the Pedals
Distance: 51.0 miles
TSS: 218
Time: 2:57
Average Watts: 157 watts

Average Speed: 17.2 mph
Normative Power: 193 watts
Average Heart Rate: 140 bpm
Total Work: 1,669 kJ
Total Climbing: 2,580 ft.

I set off today knowing I needed 51 miles to get 700 total for the month. I knew it was about 25 miles to the top of The Switchbacks, so I decided I would start from the same spot in Ivins and ride to the top of The Switchbacks and then back down to the start point. I started out wanting to put in a serious effort today and I think I accomplished that goal. This was a good ride.

Up on the steep stuff, I really tried to string together some high watt efforts. Here are some highlights with the sustained effort for the following times:

5 seconds: 457 watts
10 seconds: 439 watts
20 seconds: 400 watts
30 seconds: 388 watts
60 seconds: 340 watts
2 minutes: 289 watts
5 minutes: 250 watts

I won’t embarrass myself and post the other power numbers. But overall I think the ride was pretty solid. The ride up took me 1:44 and the ride back took me 1:15. I tried to keep up a solid effort all the way down and averaged 20 mph. The way up, not so quick.

This Month’s Training
I finally put together a week where I achieved a TSS over 1,000 with a 1,074. It was a tough week and I even took an extra day off on Thursday because I was feeling under the weather. I trained for a total of 14:17 this week, which is about where I want to be from now until the taper starts for Ironman St. George. I am going to have to incorporate some huge intervals that push 400 watts into my training. Those hills on the bike course are going to require it.

For the entire month I did pull a TSS of 3,563. For the month of March my goal is going to be a score of 4,000. With the inclusion of the huge intervals. It will really start to tax the quads, but without those intervals, the race is going to be brutal. My swim distance is going to suffer, but the bike is the event that will separate the trained from the untrained. Here is the Performance Management Chart for the last month:

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