03.18.10 — Easy Like Sunday Morning

Type: Recovery Ride
Distance: 21.19 miles
Time: 60:26
TSS: 52.6
Average Watts: 159 watts
Average Heart Rate: 138 bpm
Total Work: 577 kJ

You know, there is something therapeutic about a recovery ride. I woke up this morning and the legs felt alright, but I knew it would be a struggle to push hard watts. The fatigue of the last three days caught up to me. I was scheduled for a recovery ride, and man I took the opportunity to just spin this morning. These weeks with high intensity designed to overload your muscles sure are tiring.

It was a really boring ride. The benefit of a ride like this morning is you build up your endurance base. Rest and recovery is a very important component of any workout program, and it is especially in triathlon. I have a long run scheduled for Saturday, and I need to be recovered somewhat by then. If the weather holds this afternoon, I am going to go out and bike an easy 20 miles. I still have a long swim scheduled for tonight. If I play my cards right, I could go into the weekend with a TSS of 850 by the end of day Friday. That means I may be able to hit my goal of a TSS of 1,100 for the week. Here is how this morning played out:

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