03.18.10 — Go the Distance Son

Type: One Long Swim Set
Distance: 4,000 yards

Time: 1:08
Workout: Just one long set…
TSS: 73.6

I needed to put together a good long swim together before the race just to see how tired I would be coming out of the water. I was supposed to do some interval workout in the pool, so I decided to change it up. I should have swam a little farther, but bah, there really wasn’t a need.

I swam the 4,000 yards at a hard enough pace. Once I had finished, I stood up at the end of the lane and felt pretty solid. I had no head rush and didn’t pass out. I jumped out of the pool and while I was a little worn out, I felt solid enough to jump on a bike and ride. I threw down a bottle of water when I hit the locker room, and I didn’t have any issues feeling like I couldn’t absorb it. It was a great swim.

I feel pretty solid right now. I need to keep the pedal to the medal on the bike, but my training is seeming to come together. Now it is time to tighten up my diet to lose those last three pounds so I can get down to twelve percent body fat.

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