03.19.10 — Tonight I will be Dining on a Recovery Ride…

Type: Recovery Ride
Distance: Does it Really Matter?
Time: Don’t Love this Section
TSS: Something Higher than Sitting on the Couch
Average Watts: Not a whole lot
Average Heart Rate: Barely more than what they are sitting at my desk
Total Work: Bah!

You can tell I don’t love recovery rides right now. Since I didn’t work too hard yesterday my legs felt pretty solid this morning and I wanted to go hard, but I have this little thing called a 20 mile run staring me in the face. Tomorrow I am scheduled for a long run, so I have to save the legs for that one. I would hate to cut a long runs short because I was stupid enough to push a small bike workout. I don’t usually cut short, so it is more likely that I would pull something.

With the ride this morning, the TSS for the week is up to 832. I am thinking it will be tough to hit 1,100 for the week like I thought on Tuesday, but I will hit 1,000. I did a ton of intense sets and workouts this week, especially on the bike. I overloaded my muscles like I wanted to, and I am feeling really good right now. Shoot, I may even be able to push 1,000 watts sometime soon. Don’t laugh too loud, I did push 932 for a whole 3 seconds on a ride on Wednesday. Here is how the ride was today:

And oh yeah, Tony Kornheiser, you are an idiot for advocating that people in cars give cyclists “a little push”. Your comments are careless and just plain dumb. There is no excuse for that type of language. I hope Hannah Storm beats you down. You really are a genius.

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