03.24.10 — Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Type: Just Riding
Distance: 20.44 miles
Time: 60:33
TSS: 59.3
Average Watts: 171 watts
Average Heart Rate: 147 bpm
Total Work: 619 kJ

Oh what a weekend. After my long run on Saturday we went to see Fiddler on the Roof and loved it. The Hale Center Theater does a great job. I actually think one of the key roles in the play is how Golde, Tevye’s wife, is played. She really holds a lot of the play together for me. Throughout the play I could tell there was something wrong with my stomach. It was cramping and I was in a ton of pain. On the drive home I burped a little bit of rotten eggs and knew something was wrong.

The rest of the weekend was spend doubled over in pain with a little parasite called Giardia. There were several times I almost took one of my knives and performed an appendectomy on myself. Giardia is a little bug that lives in your lower intestine and is usually harmless until you ingest it somehow. I will spare you the details of how it is spread. If you want to know, Google it and there are plenty of great resources out there on the topic. I think I got it at my community pool where I swim.

I spent Monday and Tuesday trying to recover. I didn’t really eat or drink on Saturday or Sunday, so my energy stores were zapped. I didn’t work out of course. I think I could have yesterday, but I just decided it would be smarter to skip one more day and get my legs back under me and my stomach settled down 100% before hitting my workouts again. This morning was the first in three days. That means I skipped four workouts…bummer. I will miss most of my goals for the month now. I was really close in several, but I just am going to have to take this as a lesson in “you gotta listen to your body.” So often I call that a lazy man’s training attitude, but this week it was true. No need to beat myself up over it.

Today’s ride was solid. Legs felt great as did my stomach. I initially thought the problems I was having over the weekend were due to something I ate, which made everything I had eaten Thursday on suspect. That includes my workout nutrition, Infinit. I was scared to death today to actually drink it but am happy to report, everything worked out fine. Here is how the workout went down:

The good news is I am at my race goal weight. Horrible way to get there, but I made it… 

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