03.27.2010 — IMSG Course Ride

Type: Ironman St. George Course Preview
Distance: 88.08 miles
Time: 5:59
TSS: 470
Average Watts: 169 watts
Normative Watts: 198 watts
Average Heart Rate: 130 bpm
Total Work: 3,687 kJ

Honest to goodness, this is what the wind felt like today. This was a brutal ride. I rode this same course on 02.28 and I was 40 minutes faster with the same amount of total work. I was really surprised by the strength of the wind and what it took out of me. During the uphill portion of the ride from Ivins to Veyo, the wind was in your face the entire time, with one small exception. Riding the hills in a 25 mph (according to NOAA) sustained winds with gusts up to 35 mph is tough. The flats were tough, the downhills were tough, the uphills were tough. I know an Ironman is supposed to be hard, but the course at this race is tough enough without the wind. Really, a wind like today during the race will make it so that lots of people will miss the cutoff. Oh the joys of riding in variable conditions! I was definitely an exercise in mental toughness, but I beat it. I was surprised I only lost 30 minutes. My normative power was about 10 watts higher on this ride.

Here is the graph for the ride:

That break in the middle is because I waited for my buddy at the end of the first loop. He dropped a cleat and had to wait for his wife to bring a screwdriver. I thought we would only do one loop but he wanted to do the two that we had originally planned. He is one hardcore dude.

I feel pretty good about my preparation for the race. I am going to continue with the intervals and make sure that my legs are still ready for the mountains. I HAVE to extend my daily rides to 90 minutes and really push hard for this final couple of weeks. I am going to focus on swimming and biking to make sure I can get off the bike as fresh as possible. Any of my runs on the treadmill will be done at a 2.0% incline and any runs I do outside will be on steep hills. It is time to specialize my training a little more.

My nutrition was spot on. All I took with me was Infinit. I took two bottles with me on each loop and drained them all. I need to include something solid in my special needs bag as I was STARVING by the time the 60 mile mark ticked by. Scott was eating potatoes that were boiled in salt and butter, which actually sounded great. I am going to try them on a long ride sometime soon. I consumed about 250 calories per hour and one bottle of plain water every three hours. I forgot the Enduralytes, so I skipped those entirely. One tip to other racers, do not plan on consuming any nutrition once you leave the Dammeron Valley just south of Veyo. You will be travelling entirely too fast to even think about grabbing a bottle or something to eat.

Your training for the bike will make or break your race. If you come off your bike cooked, you will walk the marathon. If you pace right and get off of the bike in somewhat decent shape, you will give yourself a chance to pass some people during the run. That is going to be my strategy…

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