03.29.10 — Good Steady Effort

Type: Tempo Ride with Intervals
Distance: 22.13 miles
Time: 63:00
TSS: 73.8
Average Watts: 186 watts
Average Heart Rate: 145 bpm
Total Work: 700 kJ

Great ride to start the week off with. After a quick 10 minute warm-up to where I built up to about 190 watts, I started with quick two minute intervals followed by a three minute rest. I held the intervals around 200-210 watts and the rest periods I tried to keep around 175 watts. I wanted to keep the effort pretty consistent. I stayed with intervals until about the 40 minute mark, and then I decided to kick the output up a notch. According to the readout, I thought I had the power up at about 200-205 watts, but the charts are showing 195-200 watts instead. I had one :30 second effort at 375 watts at the very end to push the total work up over 700 kJ for the ride.

I thought my quads would be cooked from the ride on Saturday and they were still a little tired, but I was able to keep my effort a little higher than I normally would on a weekday ride. Here is the chart from the new and improved PowerAgent (do we really need a version number that reads like an IP address?):

If I really push it today through Wednesday I may be able to get a TSS for the month of 4,000. Right now I am at 3,514 and even with my best efforts it will be close. It may be worth the extra effort to start to sharpen up for the St. George Ironman…

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