03.30.10 — Super Intervals

Type: 150% FTP Intervals
Distance: 21.53 miles
Time: 62:00
TSS: 91.7
Average Watts: 189 watts
Average Heart Rate: 150 bpm
Total Work: 703 kJ

I subscribe to this Google Group that discusses power and cycling training. One of the recent threads discussed the best way to improve your overall power outputs and the conversation turned to the idea of doing these intervals at 150% of your FTP. Because I am trying to get my climbing legs optimized for St. George I have been doing some really tough intervals, but these caught my eye.

The person advocated doing 7 one minute intervals at 150% of your FTP with a 4 minute rest between each. I usually ride for an hour so I decided I would try them at 330 watts for as long as I could hold them. Man that is a tough workout. The first three I was able to hold them for the whole minute, but the fourth I held for a bout 30 seconds and then had to drop down. The first I held for the minute, but I let it drop to 250 watts. I decided at that point I needed to toughen up. The next two were at 370+ watts. Technically, that was the seven, but I wanted to hit 700 kJ for the ride, so I kept on with the workout. I did let the next two drop to 325 watts each, but I still felt pretty solid.I skipped the interval at 55 minutes, but finished strong with one last one at 350 watts to finish up the ride. Here is the graph:

This is a tough workout that I would recommend you put into your schedule at least once a week. It simulates the climbing of Ironman St. George well, but it also helps you find your pain threshold.

I also swam last night and didn’t get a chance to post about it. It was a quick 10 x 100 workout at 1:10 pace. with about :45 seconds of rest between each set. By the end of the workout, I thought my shoulders were going to explode. I focused on form and consistent effort and I felt solid the entire time. Like I said, it was a quick workout, but I think it helped my keep my form sharp. I will have two 4,000 yard workouts by the end of the week.

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