04.01.10 — Great Ride, Great Swim

Type: Tempo Ride
Distance: 20.22 miles
Time: 61:32
TSS: 90.9
Average Watts: 188 watts
Normative Watts: 212 watts
Average Heart Rate: 154 bpm
Total Work: 695 kJ

This was my last ride outside for a while — Mother Nature decided she needed another week of winter before she let spring arrive. It was pretty cold outside so I layered up. The funny thing is when I started out, I felt really, really good. I thought either my Garmin or Powermeter were malfunctioning because I was holding speeds between 23-28 mph at about 180 watts. I really was confused how I was going so fast on so little effort and then it dawned on me…I have a tailwind. I checked out a couple of flags and yep, they were all showing that I had the wind at my back.

I don’t mind the wind so much. It really just gives me a little more resistance. I abandoned my time goal and stuck with my power goal. I got the stats for the ride from the Garmin, but I like the graphs that the Powermeter software provides. I started my Powermeter just a little late, so the data is incomplete, although it gives you a good idea of the ride:

You can see I did several sprints and even tried to sprint on the rollers. I am trying to get that training in for the rollers on the St. George IM course. Knowing it the way that I do, I know I need to be able to push some big numbers on some of the hills. I think I am finally putting together a sound pacing strategy for the race.

Swim Workout
I rode this afternoon and got the chance to set to the pool tonight. My workout calendar called for a long swim tonight, so I went the 4,300 that I needed to so I could complete the IM race distance before the race. I finished in 1:15, which was a good time. I felt pretty solid after I finished. I did take a minute to catch my breath in the pool after I finished. I wanted to key in on the way I felt after to see how good I will feel when I hit T1. I think I will be fine.

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