04.03.10 — Strong 20 Miler

Type: LSD
Distance: 20.0 miles
TSS: 269.9
Pace: 9:01 minutes/mile
Total Work: 1,955 kJ

I am so glad I went the 20.0 miles this morning — the run gave me some real confidence in my planned nutrition. The run itself was really solid. My race strategy is evolving for the marathon right now. Currently I plan on running 3 miles and walking .10 miles starting at aid stations to make sure I get plenty of water and Infinit inside of me. I tried that strategy out this morning and it worked almost to perfection.

I took in 275 calories through a bottle of Infinit every hour. At the pace I was running, that meant I took in about half a bottle every 26:00 minutes or so. I had a bottle of water with me that I would hit from time to time, just to make sure my stomach was clearing. The only real speed bump I had was at about mile 15 and my energy started falling, so I popped a Shot Bloks and it picked my attitude right back up. I have been looking for something I could use at the late stage of the marathon that is gentle but would pick me right up and dust me off. I think I found it.

Strength wise, I was feeling the 50 miler from yesterday at the beginning of the ride. After about mile two I just got in a groove and ran. If I would have had about another hour, I could have done 26.2 miles. I really did feel pretty good at the end of the run. That actually makes me pretty happy to know that my training is going in the right direction. It better be — I only have four weeks left from today for Ironman St. George.

Weekly Report
This was a really good week for training. My TSS for the week was 1,084. My total training time this week was 13:14, which shows me I am maintaining my endurance levels. This week I also threw some intensity on the bike into my workouts, which I hope I can pull out of my bag of tricks on the hills during the race.

This is my Performance Management Chart from the TrainingPeaks WHO+ software. With some of the illnesses that I had in March you can see I am not where I should be if you follow the initial slope of the line. However, this week was fantastic. My CTL keeps sloping up, and my ATL is still pretty high. The black line is my daily TSS scores, with the super high point being from last Saturday when I rode the bike course in really windy conditions. For the next two weeks I need to keep the pressure on my body to keep progressing, and then my taper will start. Man I am not looking forward to my taper — my mind starts to go a little stir crazy when it isn’t concentrating on training after a prolonged training calendar.

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