04.06.10 — Easy Rider

Type: Recovery Ride
Distance: 20.73 miles
Time: 60:27
TSS: 59.4
Average Watts: 183 watts
Normative Power: 185 watts
Average Heart Rate: 142 bpm
Total Work: 659 kJ

First, last night we went to see Singing in the Rain at a local playhouse. It was alright, but what is exciting to me is how pumped my son gets at plays. He is built like a brickhouse and will be a big kid, but I like that at least right now, the kid is somewhat cultured. Good thing he takes after his Mom that way. If he took after me too much, we could primarily communicate through burps and grunts. I am glad there is that diversity in our little family.

We got home about 10:00 p.m. from the play and I knew I still had a 7.0 mile run staring me in the face. So what did I do? I went down to the basement into my Room of Pain and ran 7.0 miles in 59:00. It wasn’t a fast or a slow run, it just was. I felt good throughout the run. I watched the last two stages of the 2009 Tour de France, which was fantastic. The Schleck brothers were attacking Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong to try and get Frank, the older of the two brothers, onto the podium. The second to last stage was sick. It was attack after attack by Andy Schleck, who was trying to crack Contador and Armstrong so he and his brother could both finish on the podium. Contador stayed up with Andy for every attack and even looked after Armstrong like a great team leader. Contador of course won the Yellow Jersey. It was a great Tour overall and I look forward to the 2010 version.

The ride this morning was scheduled as a recovery ride. I raised my FTP (the amount of power you can sustain for an hour) from 225 watts to 240 watts. This has had a HUGE impact on my training. My TSS numbers are now much lower, which makes me want to work harder. I am in the final two hard weeks for Ironman St. George, so this comes at the right time. I did a quick calculation and without the adjustment, my TSS from this morning would have gone from a 59.4 up to a 71.8. I just rode at a pace and power that taxed me a little and just kept up a sustained effort. Here is the chart:

Today I registered with my buddies for LOTOJA, the 205 mile one-day ride from Logan Utah to Jackson Hole Wyoming. Man I hope I get in. That will be one fantastic experience with my old (focus on old) college roommates. After the Ironman, I am going to focus all of my training on this one race.

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