04.07.10 — Rough "Easy" Ride

Type: Easy Ride
Distance: 22.03 miles
Time: 62:10
TSS: 58.2
Average Watts: 176 watts
Normative Power: 180 watts
Average Heart Rate: 146 bpm
Total Work: 653 kJ

I have to add that I had a 10.0 mile run last night in about 87:xx. It wasn’t fast, nor was it slow. It just took some time to crank out the miles. That makes runs of 20.0 miles, 7.0 miles, and 10.0 miles in the last four days. Add the rides onto those miles and you have a pair of tired legs. They feel like they have zero snap for intervals, which brings me to the ride this morning…

This morning I was going to warm-up for 10 minutes as usual, and then hit six two minute intervals followed by a three minute rest. The intervals were supposed to be between 240-250 watts with the rests holding between 170-190 watts. There was little chance of hitting my workout goals today with as tired as my quads are right now. I ended up holding about 220-230 watts during the intervals and dropped down to between 160-180 watts during the rest periods. After the last interval from 35:00-37:00, I took my three minute rest and then held my power around 170 watts for the remaining 20 minutes. That was one tough ride. The only explanation I can come up with is my legs are really being pushed right now. Here is the graph:

You can see I took a little break at the 54:xx mark. I needed a little recovery time for what I thought would be a good push to the end. The push ended up being a little weak.

Tomorrow and Thursday I am going to swim instead of run. I could use the yardage in the pool, so I will swim 3,000 yards tonight and 4,500 tomorrow night. I am going to keep my bike sessions on the schedule for the rest of the week as well as the long run on Saturday. It is only Wednesday and I can’t wait for Sunday (my rest day) to get here…

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