04.08.10 — Better than Yesterday

Type: Recovery Ride with Intervals
Distance: 20.77 miles
Time: 60:23
TSS: 59.2
Average Watts: 181 watts
Normative Power: 184 watts
Average Heart Rate: 144 bpm
Total Work: 653 kJ

I did get to the pool last night, just a little later than I wanted. I only had time for a quick 2,000 yards before I needed to get home. I really was tired when I started, but I got into that groove after about 200 yards and went through the rest of the workout without any problems. It was my first time in the pool with shaved legs this season and it just felt good. I love that feeling.

I ended up getting bead early last night — right around 10:30. I really needed the extra sleep it seems. From now until the race my goal will be to hit the pillow at 10:30. I woke up with the alarm and the legs felt like they had recovered from yesterday’s debacle of a ride. I had a health exam this morning for life insurance that required that I fast from last night until well after my ride, so all I had was water in my bottle. I could tell I had about 45:00 worth of glycogen in my muscles because it was at that point that my legs just wanted no more. I took it easy for the remaining 15:00 as I was determined to finish off my ride.

The intervals were designed well today. I did five minute intervals with a target range of 200-225 watts with five minutes of rest after with a target range of 170-180 watts. I ended up completing six and then the fatigue from lack of anything but water started in on me. The outputs from today’s ride closely match the outputs from yesterday’s ride. I guess that means I need to work harder…here is the graph:

Tonight I am headed to the pool for a 90 minute swim. I am going to take my wetsuit and see how it performs in the water. I will take some time tomorrow and write up a quick review of my first thoughts with it on…

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