04.10.10 — Last 20 Miler Before Ironman St. George

Type: LSD
Distance: 20.0 miles
TSS: 268.3
Pace: 8:45 minutes/mile
Total Work: 2,063 kJ

Man this run was a confidence builder. Last week after my 20.0 miler my legs were sore. The next day I had sore muscles. It was a good run, but I needed one more to make me feel really confident about the marathon at Ironman St. George. That run happened on Saturday.

I went into the run with tired legs because of the solid effort that was required on my bike ride Friday night. I don’t mind tired legs though, because I will need to be accustomed to running on really tired legs at my race. I started my run Saturday and my warm-up took me a little longer than normal — about 2.0 miles. After that though, I felt really good. My legs started to feel energized at the 5.0 mile mark and I really got into a groove at that point. I never really got too tired after that, which means to me that I should have run a little quicker.

I did try out my strategy for the Ironman St. George marathon. I would run 3 miles and then walk for .10 miles to take in nutrition and water. I was really strict on myself and made sure I never walked more than the .10 miles that I allowed myself. For the race, I am going to have a couple of options for myself. For the first loop I am going to run 2.0 miles and walk the aid stations to make sure I can take in enough water. I will carry all the Infinit I need for the run course, so I won’t rely on the nutrition on the course. For the second lap, I will allow myself to either run 2.0 or 3.0 miles depending on how I feel. I really want to negative split the marathon, and that of course will depend on my pacing on the bike.

Weekly Report
This was a really, really good week. I nailed all of my key workouts. I did not get the intensity I wanted on a couple of bike rides, but I finished them. My TSS for the week was 1,241, which is the highest I have achieved for this training cycle. I need to continue to work on my swim, but I think my bike and run are where they need to be. With three weeks until the race, I am in a good place.

I swam 7,000 yards, biked 160 miles, and ran 37 miles. My taper begins in a week, so that means this week is going to be huge. I think I am going to set the goal of having a TSS of 1,300 this week, which means I need to get up early and ride an extra 30 minutes every day this week. I need to push my wattage on the bike to improve my climbing too.

Over all, here is what my Performance Management says about my fitness levels…

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