04.13.10 — One Legged Drills

Type: One Legged Drills
Distance: 19.68 miles
Time: 60:33
TSS: 43.3
Average Watts: 145 watts
Normative Power: 148 watts
Average Heart Rate: 125 bpm
Total Work: 523 kJ

Before I get into the ride, I did get my 10.0 mile run in last night. I actually tweaked my right Achilles Tendon at about mile 8.0 and should have quit my run then. I was running uphill, but nothing that I haven’t done to date. It was a really weird little ping that happened. The pain wasn’t acute, more like a dull ache that just got worse and worse. When all I did was run five or six years ago, I would have this type of injury from time to time. It would be gone within the week of taking it a little easy. I went to bed last night with high hopes that it would be gone in the a.m.

I woke up this morning and the pain was gone. I started walking around and it was there at about 50% of the strength that it was when I went to bed last night. I tried stretching it a little and my legs let me know immediately that was a bad idea. I went down to the basement to jump on the trainer with the intention of just pedaling a little to see how it would hold up. There was some pain, so I settled on one-legged drills with my left leg. My left leg is a little weaker than my right, so that is the plan until the AT starts feeling a little better. I am hopeful that by Friday it is back where it needs to be.

Until then, I am going to replace all of my runs with swims. Friday I am supposed to have a long run, so I am going to ride long instead. The weather should be nice, so it will be a good opportunity to get some additional miles under my belt. I will stay away from accelerations and just take it easy. As long as there is no pain in my AT, I think this will work well. I just need to look at it as my taper has begun a little early. I am not worried about this hurting my race. Here is how it went down this morning:

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