04.17.10 — Looks Like a Long Ride

Type: Long Easy Ride with my Buddy
Distance: 64.70
Time: 3:42
TSS: 202.2
Average Watts: 145 watts
Normative Power: 166 watts
Average Heart Rate: 130 watts
Total Work: 1,939 kJ

Yes, it has been a couple of days since I last posted. I pulled my Achilles Tendon on my right leg while on that 10 mile run on Monday night, so I took a couple of days off. I worked out on Tuesday and there was some more pain that wasn’t very good. Even swimming Tuesday night I was having a tough time pushing off the wall. I ended up pushing off the wall with just my left leg. It was pretty rough.

So I skipped my workouts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to rest it up. The funny thing is while resting, lots of other injuries came to the surface. My legs were super sore all three days. I ended up just letting my body rest. I would like to say my diet was in line with a couple of rest days, but I ate like I was working out a couple of hours a day. Needless to say, I think I put a couple of pounds back on.

Now on to the ride today. I decided I wanted to ride with my buddy Marion to test out the Achilles Tendon. I am happy, no ecstatic, to report it held up just fine. The ride was what it was, but my legs felt fantastic for the entire ride. My nutrition was dialed in. My bike, however, was not.

On the ride back I punctured with a thorn to the front tire. About 5 miles later, I punctured again. Luckily Marion was there as I had brought only one tube. I was about ready to call it a day, but Marion made me keep going. Then we got within about four miles from the end and my back tire lost some serious pressure. It was a weird ride for mechanical problems. I will really have to give my bike a complete and thorough inspection before the race to make sure this doesn’t happen there. Here is the basic overview of today:

I think I have dialed in my race strategy. I will post it on Monday so you people can give me some feedback on it…

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