04.20.10 — Nice Tasty Ride with Marion

Type: Nice Ride with Marion Markle
Distance: 50.0 miles
Time: 2:54
TSS: 163.2
Average Watts: 136 watts
Normative Power: 169 watts
Average Heart Rate: 127 bpm
Total Work: 1,420 kJ

This ride was with my buddy Marion who is doing Ironman St. George with me. Really, it was a nice ride with a pal and we didn’t ever really push too hard (obviously). The wind was out of the south and really pounded us on the way out, which took us about 1:35. The 25.0 miles back ended up only taking us 1:19. If we would have pushed it hard we could have knocked this one out in about 2:35. But, it was fun to roll with a friend and chat most of the time. Here is the graphic:

A Big Thanks
Thanks to everyone who left me their feedback on my pacing strategy for Ironman St. George. The cool thing is two of you are Kona Qualifiers and automatically in the “Super Stud” category. Most of the feedback was stellar and I will end up incorporating it into my race. Thanks everyone!

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