04.22.10 — 25 Mile TT

Type: 25 mile TT
Distance: 25.3 miles
Time: 1:14:59
TSS: 106.1
Average Watts: 198 watts
Normative Power: 208 watts
Average Heart Rate: 153 bpm
Total Work: 884 kJ

This was a great ride today. I identified a course with some hills on it and today it came with the nice little surprise of also having some wind coming out of the south. That meant that I had a pretty strong headwind most of the way out. I thought I kept the power right around 200 watts, and from the numbers I think I was right above. The good thing about this ride is that normally I will not pedal for about 12% of the ride. Today I cut that in half and only had 6% of my ride time that I was not pedaling. I made sure I pedaled the entire time.

The ride was just a simple test of my fitness levels on this specific course. There were some pretty significant hills, which really tested my mental fortitude. With the wind, the out portion took me 42:33 and the back only took 32:26. In future rides on this course, I would like to get those two numbers closer. I figure on a day that is not so windy I can pull at least three minutes off of the out time and only add a minute on the back. Here is how it went today:

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