04.23.10 — Nice and Strong Intervals

Type: Intervals
Distance: 21.27 miles
Time: 1:00:30
TSS: 86.1
Average Watts: 198 watts
Normative Power: 209 watts
Average Heart Rate: 152 bpm
Total Work: 717 kJ

Great ride that almost mirrored my efforts from yesterday. It is really cool to be able to look at two rides and compare them so specifically to each other. I mean, the average watts were right on, but the normative power was just one watt higher today. The average heart rate was one bpm slower today, but at 152 bpm, who is counting?

Today was a solid effort with some elevated intervals as well as higher rest periods. I liked this ride, and my legs are tired. Apparently my mind got out a little ahead of my body and my body is letting me no that it was not alright. I did push my legs, but everything else seemed to be firing well. Here is how it went down:

Stage Fright
One week from tomorrow it will be time to finally toe the line. I think I have everything ready logistically — bike is tuned, I have my nutrition figured out and planned, and I even have picked out what I am going to wear. Getting down to one week, I feel this eerie calm. I know my training has been where it needs to be and my head is wrapped around the distance. I am prepared — I am ready. I think it is time to make some magic people! 

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