05.10 and 05.11.10 — Back in the Saddle Again…

Type: Just and Easy Couple of Rides
Distance: 20.26 and 20.23 miles
Time: 60:31 and 60:00
TSS: 58.0 and 57.6
Average Watts: 170 and 168 watts
Normative Power: 171 and 170 watts
Average Heart Rate: 146 and 151 bpm
Total Work: 613 and 612 kJ

I guess it was finally time to get back on the bike. We spent last week in Hawaii — me for work and my family for vacation. It was a nice break from exercise and everything involved with the preparation for the Ironman. If you are preparing for your first Ironman, it somehow has the power to take over your life, especially in the last 90 days before the race. I didn’t even take my running shoes with me on the trip. That was a pretty big deal for me. Instead we just spent a ton of time together as a family.

The recovery week as I am calling it now was great. I was sore through Tuesday and didn’t love it when I saw a set of stairs to go down, but by Wednesday that was all cleared up. I am not so sure running was an option until about Friday or Saturday, but I still did not test the legs. I did eat everything in sight. I think I ended up eating about four meals each day, which made for some real nice weight gain. For the Ironman I was 168 lbs. and 9.5% body fat. When we got home from Hawaii, I was at 174 lbs. A six pound weight gain in little over a week is really impressive if you ask me.

We did get some great pictures while in Hawaii, and I will put those up when I have a little more time this week.

Monday I decided it was time to get back on the bike. My team and I did not get into LOTOJA, which is a real bummer. But we are planning an epic ride in September, so I need to get my bike fitness back up. I also have a couple of centuries to ride in the next six weeks, including one this Saturday. Both rides this week were nice and easy, so much so that I don’t know what exactly to call them outside of recovery rides. But the legs have felt pretty good during the rides and after, so I think I may be ready for a real effort sometime soon.

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