05.17.2010 — Busting out and killing it

Type: Pseudo Time Trial
Distance: 21.0 miles
Time: 57:24
TSS: 98.9
Average Watts: 211 watts
Normative Power: 229 watts
Average Heart Rate: 160 bpm
Total Work: 728 kJ

Average Speed: 21.95 mph

I went out and really tried to crush this ride. I had a headwind on the way out, so I was a little slower than the time trial I did three weeks ago. Given the conditions and the week I took off, this was a fantastic ride. There were stretches on the flats that I was holding 27-28 mph. I had a max of 990 watts, which is lower than the 1,150 watts I held on Saturday during the sprint to the finish line. I did hold 309 watts for one minute, but even better I held 264 watts for two minutes. The five minute average for this ride was 243 watts. I need to be able to raise that to about 300 watts.

My ride up the mountain last Thursday produced about the same power levels through the first minute. I was able to hold 286 watts for two minutes and 277 watts for five minutes. This is much higher than my output today and more in line with what I would like to be able to do consistently. If you want to be faster in a race, then your training rides need to be faster. Makes sense. I did average 23.5 mph on the way back to the house. Here is how it played out, mile by mile:

Man I wish I could find a flat 13 mile course for an out and back to see how fast I really am. There were sections on the ride Saturday when I was pulling that I was up at 25-27 mph on the flats. I would love to find a flat time trial sometime soon. Anyone know of one here locally?

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