Type: Bike
Distance: 40.25 miles
Time: 1:55
Average mph: 21.00 mph
Average Heart Rate: 148 bpm

Finally! I averaged over 21.0 mph for an extended ride! The stars just aligned and I really pushed the pace, expecially on the second half. I think at the turnaround I was about at 59 minutes, so that means I negative split the ride in a big way. I averaged about 21.7 mph for the entire ride back. There aren’t many huge hills on this ride, and the wind was calm, so I just rode hard on the way back. I did catch every light and the sign people let me through at the construction zones. Both of those fact definitely helped my average pace.

I spend most of the ride back with my heart rate right on the border of Zone 4 and 5. My legs are still a little tired, but I am estatic with the results of todays efforts.

Sad news on the TdF — American Levi Leipheimer withdrew from the race because of a broken wrist he suffered from a crash at the end of yesterday’s stage. See the story here. He was in 4th place in the GC and was in contention for the overall win. It is a shame to see him have to pull out, but can you imagine racing at that level with a broken wrist? Especially going into the Alps, the amount of pain he would have to endure to even ride let alone race would be unreal.

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