07.19.2010 — I’m Back…

Type: First Time Back in the Saddle
Distance: 20.05 miles
Time: 1:12:06
TSS: 88.3
Average Watts: 169 watts
Normative Power: 193 watts
Average Heart Rate: 169
Total Work: 729
Average Speed: 17.8 mph

Yes, yes, yes I know I have been MIA for about a month. I write grants for school districts and the main project we work on was due today. What that means is I swore off the bike for about a month and exchanged it for 120 hour weeks. No kidding. We ended up submitting with about 20 school districts across the country and I am one happy camper.

Needless to say, you lose some fitness when you are sitting at a desk for 20 hours a day, eating crap, with the only workout being the one you get with your fingers punching the keyboard. I lost some serious fitness and found some fat that I had put somewhere else for my Ironman. The bottom line: Ironman weight was 168 lbs. and today I stepped on the scale at 185 lbs. That was only like six weeks ago. Ouch.

I want to do a couple of serious single stage bike races at the end of July and August and I have to admit they are both in question right now. I have a century I am doing with some college buddies (old Dirty Curty, Scooter, and Big Head Todd for those of you keeping track) that I am super excited to do.

So I jumped on my Cervelo R3SL (oops, forgot to tell you people about the sweet new ride – I will post pictures later) and ouch, I am just not at the same fitness level as I was. I don’t have a ton of time to go into details, but I will tomorrow. Using my WKO+ software I can tell you people just how out of shape I got…Here are the details from today:

It is good to be back..the only thing I missed almost as much as my family was my bike. Ahh

And how about Contador’s move on Schleck today? That was some sportsmanship for you!

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