Type: Bike
Distance: 20.17 miles
Time: 1:02
Average mph: 19.51
Average Heart Rate: 143 bpm

Got up really late and rode anyways. The alarm went off and there weren’t any issues getting out of bed, I just piddled around the house for a while and the finally got out on the road.

This week I will start the two-a-days. I think my body is ready for the stress it will create. Next week will be a light week, so it will be a perfect week for me to recover. Run tonight in the p.m.

Besides, today is a rest dat for the TdF. And congratulations to Team Astana for their rise to the top of the standings. Now with Contador, Armstrong, and Kloden in first, second, and fourth, this team really has staked its official claim as the top team in the TdF. It will be interesting to see if Astana sweeps the podium once the TdF finishes up this week. I predicted here that they would have two of the top three spots, but three might be a strentch. It will be interesting to see if Astana proves me wrong!

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