07.20.2010 — Nice Ride with Friends

Type: Easy Group Ride
Distance: 24.07 miles
Average Watts:
 153 watts
Normative Power:
 188 watts
Average Heart Rate:
 159 bpm
Total Work:
739 kJ
Average Speed:
 18.0 mph

Come on, cut me some slack already! It was supposed to be a nice ride with my pals Juston and Shay — you know, the ones I rode with all the time before the “Big Break”. Shay had Appendicitis about three weeks ago so he hasn’t ridden either so Juston decided to take it easy on us so neither of us had a coronary. We flew on the downhills like always put then took it easy on the uphills and what do you know, it was an enjoyable ride. I am going to post a link to the map of my ride and then take some time later to talk about tips for getting back in the saddle after an extended break. I will also talk about my thoughts on the Tour de France and how it has been going for each rider too…

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