Type: Bike
Distance: 30.46 miles
Time: 1:37
Average pace: 19.24 mph
Average Heart Rate: 142 bpm

Good ride this morning with Shay. His knee started to hurt him after about 15 miles, so we slowed down a touch. I dropped him off at home after 21 because of the knee and finished out my mileage.

It seems to me that his knee issues are due to usage. He is a really active guy and plays football, basketball and softball and his knee never hurts while he participates in those sports. He is riding my Felt S22 for the summer and really needs to go get a fit. The bike has Speedplay Zeros on it, so the pedals are not very likely causing his issues. Of course, it could be something else entirely. Who knows…

And on a more ridiculous note, a spectator at the TdF is shooting cyclists with an airgun. Seriously? Read the story here. Juan Dean who rides for Garmin-Slipstream had a pellet in his leg during part of the stage and had it removed by team doctors. What a stud.

The scrutiny of Team Astana has begun. According to Lance Armstrong’s updates to Facebook, he and Alberto Contador were both tested after Contador won Stage 15 and on the rest day yesterday. Then, once the Team van crossed into France from Switzerland during Stage 16 today, it was stopped and searched for three hours by French police. Read the story here. Man those French hate to lose…

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